Hizbullah Minister rejects Lebanon internal fight

Hizbullah Minister rejects Lebanon internal fight as he rected to a statement of the ruling coalition member.

Hizbullah Minister rejects Lebanon internal fight

State Minister for Parliament Affairs Mahmoud Qmati emphasised on Thursday that no party in Lebanon can turn the tables.

No one can turn the tables on anyone

Hizbullah opposes disunty

Notably, the minister belonging to Hizbullah cited that no one can turn the tables on anyone, because that would ammoun to elimination of the other.

Qmati saidf this while entering a Cabinet session at the Grand Serail.

Following remarks of Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil, he came to respond.

Jebran Bassil clarifies

However, the FPM-led Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc on Tuesday noted that it does not want to “turn the tables” on political rivals in the country.

But, his statement aimed at elimination of corruption and the financial and economic situation.

Bassil had threatened on Sunday to “turn the tables” on the critics of President Michel Aoun’s tenure.

Lebanon is witnessing another interesting and amazing political infighting.

Most importantly, alignment changes its shape due to divergence of stance on issues. Particularly, now Druze leader Walid Jumblatt of PSP has come out against President Michel Auon.

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