Hassan Nasrallah opposes government resignation

Hassan Nasrallah opposes

Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah expressed opposition to calls for the resignation of Lebanon’s government.

Furthermore, he vowed not to allow anyone to “burn” Lebanon and cause chaos in the country.

He was speaking following days of protest rallies across Lebanon.

Hezbollah supports protest rallies

However, Nasrallah expressed solidarity for recent economic and anti-corruption demonstrations in the country.

Hezbollah party remains “determined to work hard” to solve the country’s problems and “not allow anyone to drown this country and take it to the abyss”.

Hassan Nasrallah opposes

Nasrallah analysed Lebanese problems as “systematic” which change of government would not resolve. Because, the new government would most probably include the same combination of already existing political factions.

The Hezbollah chief denounced certain political figures hastened to call for a new government. He rejected their suggestion as only a “waste of time.”

Because, it would take a year or two for the new cabinet to take shape.

Nasrallah said some factions seek to evade their responsibilities instead of resolving Lebanon’s hardships by change of government ideas.

The Hezbollah chief also lauded the demonstrations since they remain “spontaneous” and independent from any foreign or domestic political influence.

However, he also alerted protesters to remain beware of the fact that political groups may hijack their rallies.

Nasrallah also called for a “new spirit” in resolving the country’s problems which he described as a “problem of confidence” between the government and the populace.

He added that the party will avoid intervening in street protests as it seeks to resolve the matter through legal means.

Nonetheless, Nasrallah warned that if taxes were to be imposed on the poor or other necessities were to arise, the party would act.

We will “be everywhere” and we will “change the balance” in the country, Nasrallah said.

The Hezbollah chief’s remarks come against the backdrop of three days of ongoing nationwide protests born out of frustration over new taxes being examined as part of the country’s 2020 budget.

Protesters demand that politicians provide serious solutions to solve the country’s faltering economy and corruption in government.

On Friday, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri canceled a scheduled cabinet meeting on the 2020 budget and delivered a live televised speech instead, issuing a 72-hour ultimatum for “partners in government” to exhibit determination in bringing about “real reforms”.


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