Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces: 47 Members Injured in Hamra, 59 Suspects Arrested

The Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces indicated Wednesday that 47 of its members had been injured in last night’s clashes in the Beirut locality of Hamra, while 59 individuals had been arrested on suspicion of involvement in yesterday’s riots.

“Around 7:00 pm on 14/1/2020, rioters attacked ISF members outside the Lebanese Central Bank, throwing stones and firecrackers, and spitting out insults; several ISF members were injured,” a communiqué by the ISF said.

“Attacks and clashes lasted for nearly 5 hours, and left 47 ISF members — four officers included — injured, and 59 suspects were arrested,” it added.

Meanwhile, the protestors continued gathering off the Central Bank, private banks, and currency exchange firms in rejection of the US dollar price rise.



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