Dealing with Financial, Economic Crises New Government’s Top Priority: Hezbollah MP

Member of Hezbollah’s Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Hasan Fadlallah said that dealing with current financial and economic crises in Lebanon is the top priority of the new government.

In a local ceremony in Beirut, MP Fadlallah said the government formation will lead to satisfaction among Lebanese public opinion, noting that such move has been a necessity in a bid to solve current crises.

He called on the new ministers to hurry in drafting the ministerial statement and assume their work.

Meanwhile, Fadlallah stressed that the current crisis hurt all the Lebanese people.

“When the government solves these problems, this will reflect positively on all Lebanese,” he said but warned that hindering the government’s efforts will reflect negatively on the Lebanese people.

“What matters is the government’s reformative program as well as the implementation of this program,” Fadlallah said, calling on all Lebanese sides to cooperate with the government measures in order to facilitate its work.

Meanwhile, he stressed that all those who were responsible for the policies which led to the crises we have been witnessing should assumed their responsibilities.

“If they rejected to take part in the new government this doesn’t mean their exemption from responsibility.”


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