Jumblatt Receives Aoun, Warns against Lebanon’s Joining Anti-ISIL Coalition

Head of Reform and Change bloc MP Michel Aoun visited Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt at his Beirut residence in Clemenceau on Wednesday.

Local media reported the visit, saying that Jumblatt’s son Taymour attended the meeting.Aoun and Jumblatt

This visit comes just over a month after Jumblatt visited Aoun at his residence in Rabieh.

After the visit, Aoun said that the two men’s have same perspective towards the latest developments in Lebanon.

For his part, Jumblatt said that the two men didn’t tackle the presidential elections issue, noting that they discussed the security situation in the country.

Meanwhile, he warned against Lebanon’s joining the anti-ISIL coalition, noting that this coalition still insufficient if it did not operate according to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter.


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