US sanctions 3 individuals, 12 entities over having links to Hezbollah

The US Department of Treasury announced that it has put three individuals and 12 entities on its so-called terrorists list over their cooperation with Lebanese Hezbollah.

The US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced on Wednesday in a statement that three individuals, as well as 12 Lebanon-based entities, have been added to its terror sanctions lists over their relationship with Hezbollah.

The US Treasury Department named Sheikh Yusuf Aasi, and Jawad Nur-al-Din as the Lebanese citizens on its so-called Global Terrorist list.

The US government has sanctioned individuals and entities associated with Lebanese Hezbollah in separate times, yet Hezbollah has a high place among the Lebanese people government.

Washington plans to reduce Hezbollah’s popularity in Lebanon by putting Hezbollah-linked banks and individuals on its sanctions list.


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