Hezbollah Bloc Denounces Vile Release of Traitor Fakhoury

The Loyalty to Resistance Parliamentary bloc denounced Thursday the acquiescence of the head and the members of the military judicial panel to the US pressures by releasing the traitor who betrayed his country and served his enemy, Amer Fakhoury, noting that all the Lebanese were humiliated by this politicized sentence.

In a statement, the bloc stressed that this sentence will let the Lebanese who follow the resistance path become more committed to fighting the Israeli enemy, defending the nation, and dragging the traitors to be punished in jails.

“The time now is for positive cooperation and not for getting carried away with contemptible outbids.”

Hezbollah bloc reiterated its support to the Lebanese government in its fight against the coronavirus, urging all the residents in Lebanon to keep committed to the preventive measures taken by the authorities.

The bloc also called on all the locals and international individuals, organizations and governments to provide the Lebanese competent authorities with the needed aids in order to be able with the corona crisis.

-Hezbollah Bloc


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