Bloc: Obstacles Hindering Government Productivity Fabricated to Serve US Policies

The “Loyalty to the Resistance” parliamentary bloc said Thursday that the impediments hindering the sought productivity of the government are fabricated to force Lebanon to bow to the U.S. administration and serve its policies.

“Obstacles hurdling the needed productivity amid this juncture are mostly fabricated with the intention of trading their elimination with the surrender to the U.S. administration policies which only sponsor the interest of the Zionist entity,” the bloc said in a statement issued following its weekly meeting.

“Blackmailing the Lebanese over their daily bread and their stability is the worst model that does not encourage anybody to back it,” it added.

Accordingly, conferees warned of falling in such traps which only seek to serve the Israeli enemy.

Furthermore, it considered that the “unilateral sanctions’ weapon” used by the U.S. administration only proved that the US had lost its influence in the region and worldwide.

Also, the bloc berated the U.S. Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, deeming it as a “dictatorial procedure that unveils the impertinence of the false democracy in the USA.”

The statement highlighted the the 31st anniversary of demise of Imam Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini, the former Leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, “who inspired the oppressed across the world and confronted the international arrogance”.


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