Hezbollah Lebanese Resistance Which Repelled Israeli Aggression: Lebanese Envoy

Lebanese representative at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council Ahmad Sweidan on Tuesday hit back at Israeli envoy, stressing that Hezbollah is a Lebanese Resistance movement which had repelled Israeli crimes against Lebanon.

During an interactive dialogue held by the UNHCR with the UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria, the Israeli envoy described Hezbollah as “terrorist organization”.

The Lebanese ambassador said his country’s delegation “has the right of reply to terrorist occupation power,” referring to the Zionist entity.

Sweidan said that his reply coincides with the anniversary of Israeli aggression on Lebanon in July 2006, when the Israeli occupation “committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

“Lebanon repelled the Israeli aggression with its army, people and Resistance which was represented by the Lebanese Hezbollah,” the Lebanese diplomat said, reiterating that Hezbollah is a Lebanese Resistance movement

He noted, meanwhile, that the Resistance was a result of Lebanese people’s sufferings from Israeli crimes.

“The Resistance will last until the full liberation of the Lebanese territories and will defend our country’s economic rights in oil and gas,” Sweidan said.


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