23rd Anniversary of Ansariyah Ambush: Hezbollah Technology Defeated Israeli Arrogance

On the 23rd anniversary of Ansariyah, the Zionist enemy recalls the hard experience of defeat inflicted by Hezbollah technological development and advanced military performance.

In 2017, the Zionist entity declared that its commando force fell into an airtight ambush previously set by Hezbollah in Ansariyeh in southern Lebanon in 1997.

The Zionist analysts considered that ‘Israel’ fell in the trap of its arrogance when underestimated Hezbollah capabilities in the military technology field, highlighting a potential role for the Resistance commander martyr Hassan Lakkis in preparing the ambush.

In a press conference in 2010, Sayyed Nasrallah announced that Hezbollah managed before 1997 to capture the broadcast of the Zionist drone over Asariyeh and obtained the needed data about operation.

At least 11 Zionist elite commando troops were killed by Hezbollah fighters during the quality operation, which shook the military fundamentals of the enemy and represented a turning point in the context of the conflict between the Resistance and the Israeli occupation army.


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