Families call on Nasrallah to free captive soldiers and policemen

Impressed by Hezbollah’s success in securing the release of one of its fighters held by Syrian rebels, the families of captive servicemen called Wednesday on Hezbollah’s secretary-general, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, to help end their sons’ ordeal.

The relatives of the 26 soldiers and policemen who have been held by Nusra Front and ISIS militants for almost four months threatened to escalate their protest, accusing the government of hypocrisy and manipulation in dealing with the hostages’ file.

“Following the shock of Hezbollah’s liberation of their prisoner from the hands of armed groups in Syria, and the painful and big deception we suffered, we have decided to escalate our protest as of Friday morning,” the families said, vowing to block roads and burn tires across Lebanon.

The exasperated relatives screamed “enough lies… enough hypocrisy,” calling on Nasrallah to secure the servicemen’s release as he did for Hezbollah’s fighter Imad Ayyad.

Ayyad ,a Hezbollah fighter captured last month by the rebel Free Syrian Army branch known as the Qalamoun Gathering, was freed Tuesday in exchange for two rebels held by Hezbollah.

A Hezbollah statement said the release was the result of negotiations that lasted weeks with the kidnappers.


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