Lebanese top cleric calls to support army against takfiri militants

In a statement released, Ayatollah Afif al-Nablusi, a Lebanese Shi’ite scholar, called on Lebanese authorities, forces, political parties and all citizens to support the Lebanese army, which bears the burden of protecting the nation and society and the existence of this land and its future under the most difficult and complex internal and external conditions.

He pointed out that the continuous attacks on the Lebanese army by Takfiri groups prove their ill intentions to set Lebanon aflame and transform it into a nation of savages and terrorists. His Eminence explained that the army was aware of the political and security risks to Lebanon due to these groups, and repeatedly warned those in power to unite to counter the Takfiri threat.

His Eminence warned the Lebanese people that if they do not stand behind the Lebanese army, the Takfiris will be able to penetrate further into Lebanon and will be able to attack more areas and spread more terror.

Ayatollah Nablusi said that the army’s martyrs are the martyrs of the Lebanese nation, Due to their sacrifice and loyalty, they are the protectors of this country from Takfiri terrorism. We rely on them from security, peace and stability.

“If there is anyone who deserves respect and appreciation it is these heroes who defend the sanctity of our homeland and its sovereignty,” he added.


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