Israeli Army Reinforces Military Posts on Border with Lebanon

Amid the state of alert witnessed by the Zionist military in the occupied territories along the border with Lebanon, several army posts in the Palestinian territories facing the Lebanese borders are being reinforced by tanks and vehicles, Al-Manar Website correspondent reported Wednesday.

The Zionist political and military echelons are living a state of fear of Hezbollah response, in retaliation for the brutal air rocket attack that assassinated six fighters of Hezbollah on Sunday in Syria’s Quneitra.

The Iranian General Mohammad Ali Allah-Dadi was also martyred in the assault.

Al-Manar correspondent said that these reinforcements occurred amid sustained flights of Zionist helicopters over the area from Lebanese occupied Shebaa Farms through the northern settlements and down to the sea.

“Occupation drones dropped heat balloons off the shores of Tyre and Naqoura, South of Lebanon, as well as over the settlements facing Blida in the South,” he stated.

Since the Zionist aggression on Hezbollah convoy on Sunday, the Zionist army and authorities declared a state of alert in the regions adjacent to Lebanon, as the Zionist media were sparing no analyst in order to predict the way Hezbollah will carry out its revenge.


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