Zionism’s threats stem in Muslims dispersion

Lebanese Prominent cleric, Sheikh Hashem Menqareh in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency sternly warn Muslims of Zionist measures perpetrated in the region, urging them to have thaw in their relations and refrain from any move led to dispersion.

The religious cleric placed stressed on factors lay the ground for enemies to advance their baneful objectives in the region and underscored dispersion pave enemies’ way to arrive at their aims.

In his term, “the standing challenges and setbacks Muslims are mired in, including crimes perpetrated by the region of Zionism and misdeeds committed by Takfiri groups, are all derived from dispersion among Muslim nations.”

The seasoned religious scholar urged Muslims to refrain from any moves led to division and spurred on Muslims to be more cognizant and vigilant in this regard.

Elsewhere in his remark, Sheikh Hashem Menqareh beckoned to the international Islamic unity conference which was held recently in Iran Capital City of Tehran and stressed such gathering of Shia and Sunni clerics which was mounted in a congenital milieu provided religious thinkers this very chance so as to sit at talks and review their predicaments and problems to reason them out.

To him, organizing such events let Muslims to upkeep and uphold their solidarity, holding back enemies and Takfiri groups to forward their willful objectives in Islamic Countries.

Sheikh Hashem Menqareh urged religious cleric to toil hard and undertake to step up and make a move in unmasking enemies real intensions, braving the current problems Muslims are plunge into.


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