Zionists Admit New Rules of Engagement, Express their Fear

Zionist media talked on Sunday about fear in the entity over an escalation along the northern border between occupied Palestine and Lebanon as its Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon sounded the alarm over the upcoming developments after Hezbollah’s operation in the occupied Shebaa Farms.

“The situation along the northern border with Lebanon and Syria is heading towards further escalation,” Yaalon said in comments to Israel’s Channel 10.

The Israeli official pointed out that he based his remarks on security reports and Hezbollah’s political attitude.

Yaalon accused Hezbollah, the Syrian regime and Iran of trying to “create a new equation along its border,” adding that Hezbollah “is seeking to establish a new frontier in the Golan Heights.”

At the end of January, two Israeli soldiers were killed and seven wounded in a Hezbollah operation on a military convoy transporting officers and soldiers in Shebaa to avenge the Israeli raid on Syria’s Quneitra that killed six of its fighters.

Outgoing Israel’s armed forces chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz also expressed grave concern over the security situation in the entity, warning that a “war could erupt on several frontiers, including the Gaza strip and Lebanon.”

“Israel almost slipped into a dangerous escalation with Hezbollah,” Gantz noted, claiming that the Israeli retaliation would have been far more enormous if ten soldiers were killed in the Shebaa attack.


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