Presence of Takfiri militants in eastern Lebanon “alarming”

Speaking at a ceremony marking Labour Day in Lebanon at Beirut’s Allamah Fadhlullah Institute, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Ali Fadhlullah stressed that Lebanon is facing a very difficult situation, adding that officials should recognize the special circumstances of the present time and increase their efforts in accordance to internal and external challenges.

The Lebanese scholar explained that all people should act in a responsible manner toward others and avoid religious intolerance and sectarianism. “The people of this region must put their difficulties behind them and avoid the current state of personal and party interests,” he explained.

Beirut’s Friday prayer leader described the activities of Takfiri groups operating in eastern Lebanon as “alarming” and said in order to counter the threats of these Takfiris, which include al-Qaeda and the al-Nusrah Front, the Lebanese people need to unite and there must cooperation among the various spectrums of people in society.

Lebanese security officials have stated that thousands of ISIL Takfiri terrorists are using the mountainous areas near the Syrian border as a safe haven to expand their terror operations into Lebanon.


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