Lebanese DM Highlights Protecting Country from Zionists, Takfiris

Minister of National Defense, Samir Moqbel, indicated that the mission of the army units deployed along the southern borders to defend Lebanon in the confrontation with the Israeli enemy were just as important as those present along the eastern borders in the face of the terrorist organizations.

“The Israeli enemy, just as terrorism, intertwined at one goal: seeking to sow strife before torpedoing national unity and coexistence among citizens,” he said.

The Lebanese Defense Minister and Army Chief, General Jean Qahwaji, on Friday inspected the military units deployed in Naqoura, where they took note of the field measures.

During his meeting with the officers and the soldiers, Moqbel added that the power of the army stems from Lebanon’s right to clinging to its lands and national sovereignty in the land, the sea, and the air. The army also has the duty to defend this sovereignty.

For his part, Qahwaji maintained that the army’s stern decision to face any attack from any side, and that the huge burden that the army bore amid this critical time, would not preclude it from assuming its defensive and security duties.

He also called military men to enhance cooperation and coordination with the international peacekeepers to preserve stability in southern Lebanon, and to keep vigil and ready to face all the stalking dangers and challenges.


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