Zionists, number one loser of Al Qalamoun battle

Sheikh Nabil Qawouq, Executive Deputy of Hezbollah, said Syria and resistance achievements in Qalamoun front has been beneficial for Lebanon more than anyone else since this battle prevented any potential threat of the Takfiri (excommunication) groups from Lebanese villages.

He said,” Those who supported the presence of terrorists and armed groups in Al Sharqia neighborhood intended to let the terrorists groups carry out their mission in Lebanon while the true friends of Lebanon did not let Lebanon to be a playground for Takfiri terrorists.”

He added,” Achievements of the resistance and Syrian army in Qalamoun have prevented the dangers from Lebanese villages since they changed all equations.”

Lebanese cleric also noted Israel as the biggest loser of this battle because it was hopeful of DAESH and Al Nusra terrorists for involving resistance and army in a war of attrition.


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