Resistance’s struggle for Shia and Sunni: Sheikh Nabeel Qavooq


Sheikh Nabeel Qavooq, head of the executive council of Hezbollah, hailed the advancements of resistance and boosting its military, political and popularity during nine years after the 33-day war which was meant to put an end to Hezbollah according to Shimon Peres, ninth president of the Zionist regime.

Sheikh Nabeel Qavooq referred to the battles of the Hezbollah and Syrian army against terrorists in Al Zabadani vowing that the result of the battle will be victorious same of that in Al Qusayr, Yabroud and Assal al-Ward.

Lebanese cleric also said that he who counts on the victory of the Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Lebanon is making a big mistake adding,” Resistance will beat Takfiri groups same way that it beat the Zionist regime.”


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