Hezbollah victory in 2006 humiliation for zionists: Sunni Cleric

In a statement released on the ninth anniversary of Hezbollah’s victory over Israel in the 2006 Lebanon War, Shaykh Sharif Totyu, a member of the leadership council of the Lebanon’s Islamic Action Front, offered his congratulation to the “valiant” Lebanese army and members of the Islamic Resistance group.

The Lebanese Sunni cleric added that during this 33-day war, the army and members of the Islamic Resistance were able to achieve a “historic” victory against the rebellious and defiled Zionists on the battlefield of truth versus falsehood.

“That which was achieved on August 14, 2006 was a victory which humiliated the Israeli enemy and ended the myth of Zionist superiority and saved Lebanon’s dignity,” he stated.

He also praised the “legendary steadfastness” of the victory achieved by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance in the 2014 Israeli war against the Gaza Strip, saying it was a source of pride and a victory for all Arabs and Muslims. “The resistance and its brave men managed to break the psychological and moral barrier, although were not able to break the military and security barrier, which the Zionists boasted about,” he said.

Shaykh Totyu added that even though the Resistance could not defeat the Zionists militarily, they were able to achieve a strategic victory which changed the balance of power in the region through a third method. The resistance was able to defeat this self-declared superpower through fear and deterrence. “The Resistance made Israel’s tears flow and achieved a valuable victory against them,” he said.

He stressed that that the Resistance did not tremble and that their confidence and efficient techniques stunned both friend and foe, adding that their faith that they would eventually triumph was the essential foundation for their victory.

Shaykh Totyu referred to the recent speech of Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, who called on Muslims to confront the divineness in the Middle East, pointing to to the ongoing bloodshed, killings and displacement of people which are occurring in several Arab and Muslim countries and called it “a hellish scheme to divide our peoples and our countries.”

His Eminence called on the people of Lebanon and the region to unite and stand up to the Zionist and American plots, including the Takfiri phenomenon, and support the Islamic Resistance.


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