Israeli Spy Network Collected Data on G.S. Head Abbas Ibrahim, Other Officials

The espionage network which was busted by the Lebanese General Security has been working for a year for the Israeli enemy and was stopped the region of Sidon and its environs, security sources confirmed to Al-Manar TV.

“The network was responsible for collecting information on General Security head Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim and whether he passes inside Sidon or nearby,” the sources pointed out, adding that the espionage activity of the detained spies “focused also on monitoring the activities of the leader of the Popular Naserite Organization Osama Saad and Al-Quds Mosque Imam in Sidon Sheikh Maher Hammoud,”

A General Security statement said Sunday R.A., a Syrian national, his Lebanese wife S.Sh., and H.M., another Lebanese national, confessed that on the request of their recruiters, they had gathered information on specific security officials and targets within Lebanon, while taking pictures and videos of “sensitive” areas in the south and sending them to ‘Israel’. The Israeli operators were of the so-called network ‘Tannous Jallad’.

The statement said the arrests were the result of intensive and thorough searches that lasted months. The three suspected spies were referred to the relevant judiciary after completing investigations with the Military Prosecution under the supervision of Military Prosecutor Saqr Saqr.

The statement assured that security forces continued to search for other individuals believed to be a part of the same espionage network. Mobile phones, electronic devices, a computer and documents were confiscated in their possession.


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