Seyyed Ali Fadhl Allah: Unity is a religious priority

Seyyed Ali Fadhl Allah, Friday prayer leader of Beirut, in his speech on Monday referred to several challenges in front of the Arab world and Islam calling terrorism and religious pluralism as the most important of them.

He said,” Political and economic issues are reasons for outbreak of extremism and the present problem of our world is not the issue of religions rather it is the issue of discourses and ideologies.

Lebanese cleric stressed,” Religious reasons used by Takfiri (excommunication) and terrorist groups to justify their killings have to be explained to all and we should refer to Qur’an and lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for a just view.”

Hujjat-ul-Islam Fadhl Allah stressed Islamic unity as a religious priority and stressed,” Unity is the touchstone for promotion of religion and safeguarding religious beliefs.” and added,” Political and religious disagreements should be divided and religious feelings should not be misused in line with political ends.”


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