US Act Targets All Shiites, Not Only Hezbollah: Lebanese Speaker Nabih Berri

Lebanese House Speaker Nabih Berri asserted that the US Act which imposes financial sanctions and banking restrictions on Hezbollah targets all the Shiites, not only the party.

In a press release, Berri revealed that he told the US Assistant Secretary of Treasury Daniel Glaser that Amal Movement works harmoniously and cooperatively with Hezbollah on all the social and political levels.

“Over 200 municipality councils are shared by the two parties,” Berri added to the US official, “Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah’s brother is one of Amal Movements members.”

“In every Shiite family, political affiliations are distributed over both Hezbollah and Amal Movement.”

Finally, Speaker Berri said that he told Glaser that the US must respect the Lebanese financial laws which resort the international banking system.


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