Hezbollah Will Inflict Unprecedented Losses on ‘Israel’ during Any Upcoming War: Haaretz

The Zionist escalatory rhetoric against Lebanon and Hezbollah has started to ease as the enemy officials stressed that they are unconcerned with military confrontations and that the atmosphere does not imply the possibility of war occurrence, according to Haaretz newspaper.

The Zionist paper added that the balance imposed by Hezbollah’s and the enemy’s ability to inflict heavy losses on each other cancel the possibility of a war, noting that the Israeli official do recognize the fact that the entity’s internal front cannot tolerate the potential damages and destruction caused by the Islamic Resistance.

The paper said this strategic formula has secured the calmness on the Palestinian-Lebanese border since 2006, recalling the cautious Zionist handling of 2015 border tension which followed the Israeli air raid on Hezbollah convoy near the Occupied Golan Heights.


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