Lebanon Security Forces Arrest 3 Syrians, One Palestinian over Terror Links

The General Security Directorate issued the following statement “As a result of close monitoring of suspicious activities by members of the Syrian nationality, the General Security Directorate arrested three Syrians in the process of purchasing weapons with silencers and narcotic drugs, and preparing for armed robberies against well-known cashiers and wealthy persons.

Their interrogation revealed that they had previously been convicted of the possession and transfer of weapons of war. One of them also belonged to a terrorist organization and sought to recruit people for its benefit in Beirut.

Building on the military prosecutor’s signal, the arrestees were kept in custody.

The General Security Directorate issued on Thursday the following statement:

“In the context of its follow-up to terrorist organizations inside the Palestinian refugee camps, and building on the relevant public prosecutor’s signal, the General Security Directorate arrested a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon who was born in 1988, for belonging to terrorist organizations and for trade weapons for their benefit inside Ain el-Hilweh camp.

(…) He confessed to being associated with most of the terrorists hiding inside the camp, including Bilal Badr, Shadi Al-Mawlawi and Fadl Shmandar (aka Fadl Shaker). The arrestee admitted to having participated in most of the security incidents that took place in the camp. He also started personal disputes that developed into military battles in which he participated.

After the interrogation was completed, the arrestee was referred to the competent court.”


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