Lebanon Foiled Terrorist Scheme, Maintained Stability: President Aoun

President Michel Aoun stressed that Lebanon has managed to thwart different schemes aimed against it, and maintained maintaining home stability on the political and security levels amid a boiling region.

As he received the diplomatic corps accredited in Lebanon at Baabda palace on Tuesday, President Aoun said the government has contributed to restore stability in the country, noting that the political diversity has enrichen the democratic life in Lebanon.

“There is no doubt that preserving security stability in a boiling region is extremely difficult; but we managed to maintain it and to prevent the spillover of strife into Lebanon, thanks to the multiplied efforts and perfect coordination among the different security apparatuses,” Aoun said.

“The government, which gathers the key political parties, has contributed to restoring and anchoring stability,” he assured, adding that the endorsement of an electoral law based on proportional representation shall enhance the political stability.

“I confirm my determination to hold the legislative elections on their due time,” Aoun stressed.

He underlined that Lebanon has defeated “the most criminal and savage terrorist organization” and its “gory schemes.”

On Al-Quds (Jerusalem) issue, Aoun said that the repercussions of US President Donald Trump decision on the holy city was still felt across the world.

“Every state has the right to choose the base of its embassies worldwide, as per the international law and the two-state solution’s accord. However, President Trump picking Al-Quds in particular will only widen the gap, brush away peace, and add fuel to the fire already sweeping the East.”

“There won’t be peace if the region’s issues are not addressed seriously, based upon justice not force, and the recognition of rights instead of attacking them,” he maintained.

Moreover, Aoun reiterated to the diplomats the pressing need to resolve the Syrian refugee issue, noting that this crisis has been affecting Lebanon’s economy and security.


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