Hezbollah Hails Bravery of Martyr Ahmad Jarrar, Calls for A Stand for Palestine

Hezbollah hailed bravery of Palestinian resistance Ahmad Jarrar who was martyred on Tuesday after being on run for month by Israeli occupation forces.

Jarrar, who was the head of the resistance cell responsible for the operation which killed Rabbi Raziel Shevah in Nablus last month, was martyred in a heroic confrontation with occupation forces in Yamoun village near Jenin in West Bank.

In a statement released by the party’s Media Relations late Tuesday, Hezbollah condemned the Israeli crime against the Palestinian fighter, congratulating Hamas movement and Jarrar’s family “on the martyrdom of this hero.”

“This hero has proven, along with his fellow martyrs who fell on this path, a real fighting spirit which won’t cease until the complete liberation of Palestine,” Hezbollah said in the statement.

The statement meanwhile, hailed all operations carried out by Palestinian resistance factions across the occupied territories, stressing the such operations are “glad tidings of the coming victory of Palestine.”

In the same context, the Lebanese resistance movement called on Arab and Muslim world to stand beside the Palestinian people in order to support their resistance in all means.


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