Martys of Resistance Brought “Israel” Down, Their Blood Will Only Bring More Victories

hezbollah_flagHizbullah official in South Lebanon Sheikh Nabil Qaouk assured that “The arms of self-sacrifice martyrs brought us to the current equation with the “Israeli” enemy, making “Israel” weak and defeated.”

Sheikh Qaouk delivered his words during an honorary dinner for the parents of the self-sacrifice martyrs in Deir Kanoun Al Nahr, in commemoration of Martyr’s day as well as the anniversary of first self-sacrifice martyr Ahmad Kassir.

Hizbullah official said that the operation executed by martyr Ahmad Kassir was the hugest and most successful operation since the  beginning of the resistance and the fight with the Zionist enemy.

He added that Kassir’s operation rocked the Zionist entity and was the beginning to sacrifices and victories, until reaching the greatest victory.

Sheikh Qaouk further noted “This is the homeland of martyrs and self-sacrifice martyrs, whose blood will be fruitful and will produce the greatest victory.”

On their part, fathers of the self-sacrifice martyrs said that the blood and sacrifices of their children were the source of pride, dignity, victory to the entire nation. They highlighted that the land of South Lebanon which was quenched by the blood of the martyrs has preserved and protected the dignity and pride of the nations of the world.


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