Moussawi to Al-Manar: Hezbollah Prepared for all STL Scenarios

mousaweiWhat could happen in case the Saudi-Syrian ongoing efforts to resolve the Lebanese crisis fail? What if the American-Israeli scheme takes place and Hezbollah members were indicted in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri’s case?

One thing is certain, according to all Hezbollah officials. The Resistance party is prepared for all scenarios. In any case, Hezbollah won’t remain silent and therefore, it’s impossible to expect the Resistance party to accept  an accusation of involvement in Hariri’s murder, under any pretext.

This was confirmed again on Monday by member of the Loyalty to the Resistance parliamentary bloc MP Nawwaf Moussawi who told Al-Manar that the Resistance was ready for all choices, adding that nothing would surprise Hezbollah. “Hezbollah has prepared a series of options to adopt. Every option corresponds to a specific scenario. Thus if things were positive, we’re ready. But if things were negative and the efforts failed in reaching a solution to the crisis, we’re also ready. In brief, we’re ready to face all options,” Moussawi said.

The Hezbollah MP stressed that his party wouldn’t accept that anyone deals with it as an accused party in the Hariri murder’s case. “The other bloc is accusing us and then calling us for dialogue. This is not correct. You can’t accuse a party and then engage in a dialogue with it.”

While reiterating that Hezbollah has the right to defend itself in the case of the unfair indictment, Moussawi renewed the Resistance party’s accusation against former Prime Minister Fouad Saniora in which it confirms that he sought to prolong the July 2006 war in order to allow the Israeli enemy to defeat the Resistance. He called on Saniora “to have the courage to repeat what he used to state before the cabinet during the war.”

The Hezbollah MP, meanwhile, condemned what he called the “campaign” launched by the so-called March 14 bloc against Telecommunications Minister Charbel Nahhas, stressing that the latter was an added value to the Lebanese cabinet. “No one can threaten Nahhas and whoever harms him, harms us,” Mousssawi stressed during his exclusive interview with Al-Manar, revealing that Hezbollah would soon issue a statement against the campaign the minister is being subject to.


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