Hundreds of Thousands Commemorate Ashura in Lebanon

lebanon_ashuraHundreds of thousands of Muslims took part in the central ceremony of the tenth day of the Hijri month of Muharram Thursday in Beirut’s southern suburb to mark Ashura; the martyrdom of Imam Hussain son of Imam Ali (AS).

Black clad mourners chanted slogans renewing allegiance to Imam Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and 72 of his companions and family members in Karbala, Iraq, over 1,300 years ago while fighting for justice.

People were responding to Hezbollah Secretary General’s call in the previous night. “Tomorrow is different, exceptional. What we are asking of you is attendance that is different, exceptional, in all areas,” Sayyed Nasrallah said late Wednesday. “The world is waiting tomorrow to see your faces … your resolve. “Tomorrow we meet to tell the world that all Israel’s threats of war cannot underscore our resolve.”

Political, religious and popular figures took part in the event.

Many devout Muslims across Lebanon are also holding ceremonies to mourn the event which is one of the most important occasions on the Shia calendar.

In the Bekaa villages, towns and cities, mourners listened to the consolation ceremonies and then went to the Baalbek city, where a big rally is being organized. Another rally is also being held Hermel.

In Nabatiyeh, Tyre, and also in the town of Beit Jbeil and other towns people will take to street to mark Ashura.

Hussein ibn Ali (PBUH) was born in Medina in 626 CE and was martyred in 680 CE during the battle of Karbala. He was the son of Ali-ibn Abutalib (PBUH), the first Imam of the Shia.

Ashura ceremonies symbolize eternal and unwavering stance of truth against falsehood and humanity’s struggle against tyranny realized by Imam Hussein (PBUH.)

The martyrdom of Imam Hussein has provided food for thought and devotion for many generations up to this day. It has received countless interpretations, and every generation sees its struggle in the light of his struggle. In this sense blood triumphed over the sword and Imam Hussein peace be upon him gained victory over tyranny.

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