Egypt attack serves US, Israel

hezbollah_flagHezbollah has said that a recent attack on a church in northern Egypt, which killed 21 people, is in the interests of Israel and the United States.

The fatalities were caused on Saturday after a bomber detonated and explosive device at the Saints Church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria, the country’s Interior Ministry said.  The incident also wounded 79 others, including eight Muslims.

The Lebanese resistance movement said later in the day that the attack “comes as part of the most dangerous conspiracies aimed at religious diversity,” Lebanese website Naharnet reported.

The set of intrigues, the movement said, were targeting “more than one Arab and Muslim country,” it said.

They were meant “to serve the Zionist scheme in occupied Palestine and the American scheme aimed at fragmenting our Arab and Islamic countries.”

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has also blamed “foreign hands” for the deadly New Year attack, AFP reported. “All of Egypt is targeted this blind terrorism does not differentiate between Copts and Muslims,” he said.

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