Missing Shia leader Imam Musa Sadr alive

Imam_moosa_sadrSami al-Misrati, a member of the opposition to Muammar Gaddafi, stated in a phone conversation with Al-Alam: “A small airplane left the Al-Abraq Airport yesterday carrying someone who looked like Imam Musa Sadr.”

Issa Abd al-Majid Mansur, a prominent member of the Libyan opposition also announced that Imam Musa Sadr is still alive. A few other  leaders of the opposition have stated that Imam Musa Sadr is still alive and is residing in a prison in Sabha.

Therefore, it is unclear whether this person who looked like Imam Musa Sadr was transferred to another city in Libya or outside of Libya. This report is troublesome for those who love this Islamic personality; not only those in Lebanon, rather those all over the world.

Imam Musa Sadr entered Libya on August 5th, 198 with Shaykh Muhammad Ya’qub and ‘Abbas Badr al-Din. He was supposed to meet Gaddafi on the 29th or 30th of August. But, his whereabouts have been unknown since that day. Libyan officials have claimed that Gaddafi decided not to meet with Imam Musa Sadr and Sadr then travelled to Italy.

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