Gaddafi ordered Imam Moussa Sadr’s killing

moussa saderFormer aide of slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi has revealed that missing of renowned Lebanese Shiite Muslim scholar Imam Moussa Sadr was killed on Gaddafi’s order.
“[I am] 100 percent [sure] that the talk that we heard is that he, Imam Moussa Sadr, had been liquidated. [I heard this] from some sources at the time,” Ahmad Ramadan said in an interview with Dubai-based al-Aan TV.

When asked whether the order to kill Imam Sadr was made by Gaddafi, former head of Libya’s intelligence office said, “Maybe, because after the meeting, they came and he [Gaddafi] said come and take them.”
Ramadan also explained that Sadr had arrived in Libya and Gaddafi had received him in his office.
“I testify that he had arrived in Libya. Muammar had received him in his office. Those who had received him were Taha Sharif Bin Amer, Maj. Gen. Faraj Abu Ghaliah and Maj. Gen. Bachir Hamid,” he said.
Ramadan said Amer had been Gaddafi’s communications secretary, Ghaliah, his administrative secretary, and Hamid a member of the country’s intelligence service.
The former aide noted that Amer had died but that the two others were still alive.
“They received him at the airport and brought him to meet with Muammar. The meeting lasted two and a half hours. Muammar and Taha stayed at the office, the other two transferred the guests,” Ramadan said.
Ramadan said that the two officials, Abu Ghaliah and Hamid, were the ones who escorted Imam Sadr outside the office and had “liquidated” him.
“I don’t know where he was buried. But it is rumored that it is either in Janzour or Sabha,” Ramadan said.
The revered Imam Sadr, the founder of Lebanon’s Amal Movement, was a popular and highly respected Lebanese Shiite Muslim scholar of Iranian descent, who disappeared on August 31, 1978 while visiting Libya.

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