Lebanon ex-general jailed for espionage

Lebanon ex-general jailed for espionageA Lebanese military court has sentenced a former army general to two years in prison for giving information to the Israeli regime, judicial officials say.
Former Brigadier General Fayez Karam was arrested in mid-2009 on charges of spying for Israel.
According to Tuesday’s verdict, Karam, who was a senior member of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), will spend six more months in jail.

Karam has been charged with meeting Israeli officials outside of Lebanon and passing on information secured through meetings between his party and Hezbollah resistance movement in exchange for money.
Israel refused to comment on the verdict.
The Lebanese Army, actively assisted by Hezbollah, has arrested several suspects over the past year in an expanding campaign aimed at dismantling a network of Israeli spies in the country’s telecom sector.
Lebanon has also accused Israel of planting espionage devices in the south of the country.
Lebanon and Israel are in a state of war and spying for Tel Aviv can be punishable by death in the country.

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