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Fadlallah Sympathizes with Tripoli Citizens: Sorry to See Calamity Hitting People

fadlallahThe Loyalty to the Resistance member MP Hassan Fadlallah, and head of the Parliament’s Telecoms Committee said on Thursday that “the government should apply the law with specific mechanisms which protect the media’s freedom of the press, but also protect the society from any harm.”

“The country is “facing an ethical challenge more than a legal one, represented by a breaking of the standards of consideration for human feelings and emotions,” the Hizbullah official added.
He called on all the Lebanese to cooperate with the army, and stop incitement against it as it [the Lebanese Army] is the guarantee to the safety and stability of the Lebanese people.
Furthermore, the MP assured that “strife and sectarian mobilization cause tension among the people, noting that such is the reason behind the unrest in Tripoli.
Fadlallah regretted to see the tense situation in Lebanon’s Northern city, and urged all sides to put utmost efforts to end the conflict and return peace to the city.


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