US, European Officials Demand Lebanon to Support Free Syrian Army

syrian armyAl-Akhbar newspaper reported on Saturday that Lebanese official sides estimate the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon to more than one hundred thousand, out of which one fourth have been trained during army recruitment.

The source reported fear of high possibility they might get involved in establishing a front to support the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), especially that unrestricted arms trade invades the Lebanese streets, and certain parties in Lebanon provide political support to the FSA too.
According to the source, a high-ranking European official asked a Lebanese official about the possibility of the FSA winning battle if European sides armed and equipped the Syrian opposition. The latter answered “You provide the FSA with arms while Russia and China provide weapons to the Syrian army, and the battle only goes on…”
Behind that question was European and US concern of the FSA situation, and the likelihood of Lebanon supporting it and facilitating its “mission”, hence they demand military and political support under the table, noted al-Akhbar.
Meanwhile, the source added that diplomatic and media talk focuses only on providing the so-called Free Syrian Army with social and humanitarian support to the Syrian refugees.


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