Future Coup to Storm Serail…Political Suicide

sarayThe Lebanese political alliance March 14’s coup, headed by the Future Movement, to topple Prime Minister Najib Mikati failed Sunday.

The party exploited the funeral of the Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence Bureau Maj. General Wissam al-Hassan and planned to topple Mikati in the streets.

It is the zero hour: the head of the Future parliamentary bloc MP Fouad Siniora called on PM Mikati to resign. “We won’t engage in any sort of dialogue before the government’s departure,” he declared.

Minutes later, the News journalist in Future TV, Nadim Qoteish, urged the crowds to move to the Grand Serail. “Najib Mikati will be toppled today. Move to the Serail,” he shouted.

Hundreds of Future, Lebanese Forces, and so-called “Free Syrian Army” members followed the instructions.

Armed with sticks and stones, the protesters tried to storm the Grand Serail building. However, their attempts resulted in a great failure after a confrontation with the security forces.

The building’s security forces responded to the intruders by firing into the air and using tear gas bombs. Moreover, the Lebanese Army was present to support the Internal Security Forces.

After it was revealed that Future plans fell at the front of the Serail sills, former PM Fouad Siniora and his absent counterpart Saad Hariri rushed to repudiate what had happened.

Meanwhile, political sources described to “al-Intiqad” the Future plots as a failing revolution and a political suicide after it showed the party’s sabotage face.

“Future Movement was the first loser Sunday, as it turned the occasion of Gen. al-Hassan’s from a national event into a partisan occasion, in which it failed to gather but only thousands of supporters,” the analysts said.

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