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Sheikh Qassem rejects int’l interference in Al-Hassan’s Investigation

sheikh-qassem 1Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General, His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem, described the assassination of head of the Internal Security Forces Information Branch Brej. General Wissam al-Hassan “as a big and not normal incident in the current circumstances that Lebanon is passing by.”

In an interview with the Iranian news agency, IRNA, Sheikh Qassem urged the Lebanese authorities “to resort, in such cases, to a serious and effective investigation in an attempt to unveil the criminals who committed this act as a prelude to reveal the detailed backgrounds behind this assassination.”

In parallel, His Eminence asserted that “in one way or another, this crime is an attempt to disturb Lebanon’s stability.” He further urged Lebanese parties to unite and foil such attempts.

“We call for the non-exploitation of such a crime politically. We are required to be united against any attempts to strike Lebanon’s stability,” the Hizbullah top official stated.

Meanwhile, he called “for protecting the Lebanese internal arena especially that the situation is on the edge due to the effects of the Syrian crisis and the “Israeli” continuous threats against our country.”
“Thus, rationality is needed in this stage so not to benefit those who want to hit the stability in Lebanon,” His Eminence stressed.

In the same context, Sheikh Qassem declared that the investigation in al-Hassan’s case must be conducted locally without any international interference.
“Any attempt to give this case an international dimension will not be of any help, since the issue is a Lebanese issue and is the Lebanese judiciary’s responsibility,” His Eminence clarified.

He also pointed out that “the Lebanese government decided to refer the assassination case to the Judicial Council, which is the highest judicial authority in the country.”

Commenting on the Western support for Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government, the Deputy Secretary General considered that “this government proved to be that of the right moment and political stability.”
“It faced the surrounding storms as well as the internal ones as some sides tried to drag vacuum or raise tensions,” His Eminence added.

Moreover, Sheikh Qassem underlined that “we heard statements about supporting this government to consolidate internal stability in Lebanon, but what is really meant is that the repercussions of the Syrian crisis should not affect Lebanon, not for the sake of its stability but to prevent its use as a center for managing the Syrian crisis.”

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