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Hizbullah slams Myanmar heinous purge of Muslims, Urges Int’l Orgs to act

hizbulla wallCommenting on the increase of violence against Muslim minority in Myanmar, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The attacks and acts of violence against the citizens of the Muslim minority in Myanmar escalated in such a manner that it became a programmed purge against Muslims.

Thus, this led to the death of dozens and the destruction of entire villages.

As this wave of violence is extremely worrying, provocative, and disapproved, the government of Myanmar refrains from taking effective measures that might lead to the end of persecution and murder of those Muslims.

However, the regime is involved in these massacres through disregarding the extremist Buddhist actions, encouraging them, and claiming that those Muslims are not the indigenous people of the country.

In parallel, the crimes escalate and the Myanmar regime escapes punishment as it exploits a comprehensive international and Islamic droop.

Meanwhile, this regime enjoys a denounced US support and collusion to these heinous crimes.

It is not only unfortunate, but also shameful that both the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the United Nations failed to take their required role in protecting the Muslim citizens, in face of what could be described as a racial and religious genocide.
Amid all this, Hizbullah condemns all forms of violence and persecution against Muslims in Myanmar. It further urges international organizations to take the necessary measures to secure the axiomatic rights approved by Human Rights Declaration and the UN.

Hizbullah also urges the international bodies to provide all forms of assistance to those citizens displaced from their villages and homes, to ease their humanitarian suffering.

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