IOF Unprepared to Face Hezbollah Fighters

israeli drillOnce again, Israeli occupation forces appeared unprepared to face Hezbollah fighters in any new war.

The Zionist entity’s channel 10 broadcast a report over a drill staged by the occupation forces’ Paratroopers Brigade in the Golan Heights.

The drill simulates a face to face confrontation between the Israeli Paratroopers Brigade and Hezbollah fighters in a geographical area that looks like the Lebanese one.

“It’s right that Iran strike is delayed. However the Israeli army is training for a new confrontation with Lebanon. Our military analyst joined a group of Paratroopers Brigade and went with them to Mount Hermon in the northern side of Golan Heights,” a newscaster in the channel 10 said.

According to the report, Zionist soldiers were ambushed by Hezbollah fighters during the simulation after they crossed a long distance climbing.

The soldiers clashed face to face with Hezbollah fighters, as they did not know from where the gunfire was coming from.
The report said that during the simulation of the clashes, all the soldiers were injured by one Hezbollah fighter.
Channel 10 said that the soldiers have learned from the drill that ant tactical fault might cost them their lives.

“We can’t simulate the war with Hezbollah at all. It is impossible to bring the enemy to the training field. However the exercises can at least reach to a point that is very close to the confrontation,” said Eliezer Toledano, a paratroopIsraeli drill officer.

The drill reflected a real conflict within the Israeli army: the occupation forces are not ready to face Hezbollah fighters in the next war.

In addition, most of the paratroopers who participate in the maneuver were youths who did not take part in July War 2006, well known as Lebanon Second War.

The drill was part of Austere Challenge 2012, the largest ever bilateral U.S-Israeli military exercise.

The maneuver which stands at a little less than a billion dollars in cost stretches for three weeks and includes the participation of over 3500 American troops and a 1000 Israeli others.

It simulates several scenarios which range from dealing with the Syrian crisis, to military engagement with the Islamic Republic of Iran in addition to the strategic threat of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah.


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