Accused Saqr Confessed, Other Recordings to be Aired

okab sakarThe Lebanese public was neither shocked nor surprised by the personality of Future MP Okab Saqr during his Thursday’s “clowning” conference held in Turkey, Islatnbul.

By the series of insults, Saqr aimed to defend himself and Future master, Sadd Hariri, after the scandal of al-Akhbar daily and OTV recordings that revealed Saqr’s role in smuggling arms and explosives to Syria’s opposition.

The mentioned MP, who was previously keen on appearing as a gentleman to defend himself via argument and logic, completely tarnished this image during this conference.
However, Saqr revealed all his abilities in spreading insults and curses here and there in a clear nervous manner that reflected the man and his party’s direct involvement in shedding the blood of Syrians.

In this context, a well-informed source told al-Ahed News that Saqr appeared tensed and strained all along his 90 minutes conference.
“As the MP restored to the street language and cursing, he hit any argument by which he could defend himself,” the source confirmed.
He further mentioned that Saqr not only appeared as “the accused almost confessed” but rather “the accused said arrest me”.

In parallel, the source highlighted that Saqr deliberately fabricated new recordings through adding the words “milk and blankets” to the previously aired OTV recordings to cover his supply of arms to the Syrian rebels.
Moreover, he revealed that some Syrian rebels, who work with Saqr, stole the recordings from his personal computer and sold them.

“Who supervised Saqr’s new recordings?” the source asked.

He also stressed that both the OTV and al-Akhbar daily will continue airing Saqr other recordings in the coming days.


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