Moussawi: Targeting Resistance A Favor to Zionists

moussawi 2Member of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc MP Hussein Moussawi stated that, “”Israel” is cheerful about the bloodshed in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and parts of Lebanon, since it strengthens its powers as neighboring countries are split.”
During a Quran seminar in the Bekaa Valley village of Nabi Shit, Moussawi accentuated, “The policy of lost priorities, self-dissociation from al-Quds and Holy grounds, and the tide of armed men in Syria and Iraq aim at distorting Islam’s image, destroying both countries abilities, as well as targeting the Lebanese resistance weapon.”

“All these present big favors to the Zionist-American plot, that will not yield unless Muslim and Arab officials and Mujahideen become aware of what is being plotted, have their squares and streets points of national unity, and face the arrogant West, that steals their revolutions and resources and invests in them in its aggressive dominant plots,” the MP reiterated.
Moussawi concluded, “It is an honor to play a role in reuniting this nation, since everyone has to rise to the great challenge.”


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