Committee for Prisoners and Detainees Protests Judge Shabtini’s Verdict

judge shabtiniCommittee for Lebanese Prisoners and Detainees in “Israel” held a protest on Thursday in front of the Military Court on Judge Alice Shabtini’s verdict of releasing “Israeli” spy Charbel Kazzi as well as the leniency implemented towards espionage cases.

The protesters carried signs condemning Shabtini’s verdict and demanding to not politicize judiciary, also reiterated that this movement will be followed by a series of legal actions, protests, and meetings.

The committee’s spokesperson, Ahmad Taleb, expressed the overwhelming frustration of prisoners on Shabtini’s sentencing, describing it as a “provocative step” for prisoners who suffered oppression and injustice from these spies.
Taleb further accentuated that these verdicts encourage the weak-hearted to contact the enemy, especially if the punishment was not that strict.

Moreover, he called the Lebanese government for harsh punishment on spies, beginning with revoking their Lebanese nationalities then by capital punishment.


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