Lebanese Minister Survives Assassination Attempt

nnaLebanese Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karami’s convoy came under attack Friday by an Energa-type rocket in Tripoli. This comes as extremist protesters demanded the release of detainees at Roumieh prison.

Karami, who wasn’t harmed, warned that “the unrest in the Northern capital, Tripoli, aims at targeting the country’s security situation.”
He, who hails from the northern port city, was heading to Friday prayers when his convoy was attacked.

In parallel, the minister said the incident represented an attack on his life while he headed to Friday prayers.
“I was a target of an assassination attempt when my convoy was attacked by gunfire and they were aiming at me,” Karami was quoted as saying.
He further vowed: “We will not let Tripoli slide into a new civil war, even if the price was our blood.”

A statement issued later by Karami’s press office said that “four of the minister’s bodyguards were injured.”

The bodyguards were identified as Ali Baradei, Jamal Khaled al-Hassan, Mohammed Sayyour, and Ali Ahmed Mahmoud.
Meanwhile, media reports confirmed that sporadic gunfire and an explosion were heard in the city near Abdul Hamid Karami Square.
The protesters, carrying machine guns, staged a sit-in at Tripoli main square – Nour Square – in solidarity with the dozens of Fatah al-Islam inmates still at Roumieh prison.

For its part, the Lebanese Army deployed in the vicinity of Karami’s residence.


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