Sayyed Safieddine to March 14: Forget All Illusions on Resistance, Weapons

syed saifuddinHead of Hizbullah Executive Council, His Eminence Sayyed Hashem Safieddine called all Lebanese sides to determine the goals of the new electoral law.In this context, he wondered: “Is the proposed electoral law in the interest of Lebanon? Is it required from the elections to drag Lebanon into the Western project? What is the base for this electoral noise and debate?”

During his speech in the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Sayyed Safieddine advised all those, who want to target the resistance and its weapons, “to forget all about such illusion.”
“The country’s unity must be on top,” His Eminence confirmed, and noted that “all sides must humble to reach an electoral law that represents all the Lebanese.”

In parallel, he stated that “everyone should return to the main base, which Lebanon was built upon.”
“Enough of making useless bets,” the Hizbullah top official said, adding: “The other team aims to achieve one thing i.e. is to get a parliamentary majority. However, they are fully aware that the current circumstances don’t suit them.”

On the “Israeli” front, Sayyed Safieddine viewed that “the analysis of the “Israeli” elections indicate that the Zionist entity is disjointed and weak due to the resistance victories in Lebanon and Palestine.”
He further warned “Israel” that “what is coming is much greater.”
“In the era of victories and in the election time, we will move from one victory to another, and the following days will witness the close demise of “Israel”,” he assured.

Meanwhile, His Eminence mentioned that “in light of the regional changes, the only strong constant in Lebanon and the region is the resistance, which is still growing.”
“As the resistance is keen on preserving the Lebanese unity, it is ready to face any “Israeli” aggression,” Sayyed Safieddine highlighted.
“Similar to what had happened in 2006, some Lebanese sides lost their bets in Syria, and they will only reap disappointment in Lebanon,” he concluded.


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