Hizbullah Celebrates Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s Birth Anniversary

hizbula flaq yellowOn the occasion of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be upon Him and His Household) and his grandson Imam Jaafar al-Sadek’s Birth (AS), Hizbullah held a scholar assembly in Imam Khomeini Educational Center in the Southern village of Qana.

The assembly was attended by the Head of Hizbullah’s Foreign Relations Sheikh Ali Daamoush, Archimandrite Michele Abu Haidar, who represented the archbishop of Tyr, Sidon, and Marjeyoun of the Orthodox Rome, Bishop Elias al-Kfouri, the Druze Judge of Hasbaya, Sheikh Nazih Abu Ibrahim, as well as a delegation of Druze Sheikhs, and the Imam of al-Quds Mosque in Sidon, Sheikh Maher Hammoud.
Sheikh Daamoush stated, “In line with the morals of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his household, we called for dialogue and coexistence, and were the pioneers for unity among Muslims and Muslim-Christian coexistence. We reached out to others for understanding and cooperation in order to solve the hardships that our nation faces.”

Moreover, he added, “Lebanese tried civil war and lost, and tried bidding on foreign countries, but that didn’t work either, so they must work hand in hand for the nation’s benefit.”
For his part, Sheikh Maher Hammoud, the Imam of al-Quds Mosque in Sidon, described the Western world today as “non-Christian in regards to the concepts of modesty, love, and integration that Christianity preached, but rather works in accordance to Zionist policies.”

Furthermore, Sheikh Hammoud underscored, “There is one Zionist-American agenda that wears modern Christian attire, known as new Zionism, which is condemned by Christianity itself.”
He further called for “unifying goals in Jihad, since our main enemy that should unite Muslims, Christians, and all religions and nationalities is Zionism, which was able to pull the US with its outstanding potential, economy, and military, until it made the US incapable of taking any decision violating the Zionists’ wishes.”


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