Sheikh Qassem: We Refuse the 8-8-8 Governmental Formula

qasseemHizbullah’s Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem refused to take the 8-8-8 governmental formula into consideration, stressing, “Such a government is unacceptable and does not contain any national interest.”

“How can 45% of MPs who form our coalition be represented by third of the number of members in government?” Sheikh Qassem questioned, adding, “How can 7% of the parliament’s members be represented by the other third under the name of intermediation?”
“Representation must at least be based on the percentage of members in the parliament,” Sheikh Qassem stressed.

“If the Prime Minister-designate were to give us a number of ministers coherent to our percentage of representation, then we would take the pressure and full responsibility in the choices we make,” he added.
Moreover, His Eminence remarked, “We want to be partners in this government,” noting, “How can we be partners when all decisions are made without our opinion having a direct impact?”
Hizbullah’s Deputy Secretary General pointed out, “If the Prime Minister-designate wish is that the government be purely an electoral government, then he would know that an electoral government makes its decisions by majority; Majority by third plus one or two would not affect him.”

On another note, commenting on the Palestinian file, Sheikh Qassem reiterated, “This Nakba indicates three things: The “Israeli” aggression, occupation, and annihilation crimes committed against Palestinians; the arrogant international conspiracy including the US, Britain, and all those against human rights; and the official Arab submission covetous for power.”

“Only through resistance can we face the Nakba, and its pillar must be an armed resistance. Experience proved that lands cannot be liberated and dignity cannot be retrieved but by resistance,” he added.

Regarding the Syrian file, Sheikh Naim Qassem described it as a projection to Palestine’s Nakba. “Everything happening in the world today is a projection to the Palestinian Nakba.”
“Resistance is the solution. We will resist until the last drop of blood, and we will raise our children on the light of resistance. We will be victorious, in Allah’s will,” Sheikh Qassem stated.


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