Syrian, Arab Figures Celebrate Lebanese Resistance’s Victory

leb21Syrian, Lebanese, Arab and Russian activities commemorated in Moscow the 13th anniversary of Lebanese Resistance’ victory over the Israeli occupation’s army in South Lebanon.

The participants in the event, which took place Saturday evening at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, stressed that Syria also will win over all its enemies, including the neo-colonialism countries, the Gulf sheikhdoms and the neo-Ottomans, thanks to the Syrian people’s awareness and the Syrian army’s sacrifices.
In his speech at the event, the Syrian Ambassador in Moscow Riyad Haddad stressed that “Resisting the occupier is a legitimate right for all people,” adding that the Lebanese Resistance proved the importance of resistance in the face of oppressive military force in the absence of the international law.
Haddad added that what is happening in Syria is “a systematic foreign targeting that comes within an imperialist project aimed to fragment and weaken Syria and the resistance behind it.”
He noted that the Resistance has always enjoyed and will continue to enjoy all forms of support from Syria, hailing the Russian role in supporting the right and working for justice and peace according to the principles of the international law.
For his part, the Iranian Ambassador to Russia Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi affirmed that the Victory Day does not belong to the Lebanese people only, but it belongs also to the Syrian and Palestine peoples and all those who defend their freedom.
“Syria is facing a brutal aggression and it is repelling this aggression successfully,” he said, extending his greetings to Syria and the national resistance in the region and expressing his thanks to Russia which is supporting the liberation movements in the world.
In his turn, Lebanese Ambassador to Russia Shawqi Bu Nassar said “The region is witnessing dangerous events like those in Syria, which we wish will come out from its crisis as soon as possible.”

The Chairman of the Russian Anti-globalization Organization Alexander Aionov voiced his appreciation of the Lebanese national resistance’ victory over the brutal Israeli war machine which has now started to work against Syria by waging air raids and supporting terrorists in it, in addition to its continued occupation of the Syrian Arab Golan.
He stressed that Russia supports Syria, Lebanon and Palestine and is working in defense of their freedom, independence and territorial integrities.
The participants in the event pointed out that the Israeli occupation suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Resistance, stressing in statements to SANA correspondent in Moscow that they participated in this event to express their support to the peoples’ rights to freedom and independence, including those of the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestine peoples.
The ambassadors of Palestine in Moscow also attended the event, in addition to a crowd of Syrian and Arab citizens and Russian political, social and media figures.


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