Hizbullah Slams Terrorist Attacks in Iraq

condem attack iraq hizbullaCommenting on the terrorist attacks that hit Iraqi cities during the last few days, Hizbullah issued the following statement:

The Takfiri gangs backed by certain foreign and regional regimes continue to hit Iraqi cities during the last few days, in a wave of horrid terror like no other, which led to hundreds of martyrs and injuries as well as grave damage.The terrorists used a great number of wired cars to carry this act in many cities and areas, which reveals the intention of these murderers in causing as much deaths and injuries possible.Hence, Hizbullah strongly condemns this mass murder of innocent civilians, these terrorist explosions, and slams the perpetrators and their supporters.Moreover, Hizbullah calls on all honorable and free people of the world to raise their voices against these killers and form pressure groups on countries supporting terrorists, providing them with different kinds of bombs, and covering up their terrorist crimes.Hizbullah, in light of these ongoing tragedies which the oppressed Iraqi people live, offers its warm condolences to the martyrs, wishes quick recovery to the wounded, and calls on the Iraqi people to unite against the murderous Takfiris so Iraq would enjoy security and prosperity.


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