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US Embassy in Beirut: Boycott of Lebanese Constitutional Council Erodes Democracy

US Embassy in BeirutIn a blasphemous attempt to interfere in Lebanon’s domestic affairs, the US Embassy mentioned in its tweets on Wednesday, “Lebanon’s Constitutional Council should consider and rule on the challenges before it without political interference.”

“Boycott of Constitutional Council further erodes Lebanon’s democracy and reflects lack of respect for Lebanon’s institutions and the rule of law,” the embassy said.

“Lebanon’s democracy is a linchpin of stability (and) efforts to undermine (the) democratic process shake stability and international confidence in Lebanon,” the embassy further commented.

The Constitutional Council did not meet a quorum of members for a second consecutive day on Wednesday, delaying a decision on the legality of Parliament’s mandate extension.

The council’s meeting was rescheduled for June 18, two days before Parliament’s term expires.

Failure to convene the Constitutional Council meeting boosts the extension’s chances of being upheld.


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